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November 23 2012

The world of Astier de Villatte

The Astier de Villatte team/ in the shopping bag, choice of Astier de Villatte novelties.

Marie Le Fort


Indefinable, going against the current fashions and yet they are artists and artisans of their time, Ivan Pericoli and Benoît Astier de Villatte are taking Astier de Villatte to new heights as though they were an acrobat and a poet.

On rue St Honoré, the Astier de Villatte boutique hides behind the shop front of an old colour merchant. Part flea market and part antique, the narrow shop draws you in with its antiquated charm, inspired by an unexpected kind of elegance. Piles of icy white plates cover a former dresser, fixed in front of a collection of candles that were created as an olfactory tour the world…we recognize Broadway with its funny effervescent scent, and pass through Yakushima with its woody smell and Zermatt, carried by an aroma of wild berries.

Imagine the Grand Hotel de Cabourg in l’Ombre des Jeunes Filles en Fleur or open steppes of Ulaanbaatar, the world of Astier de Villatte is as follows: it materialises the ‘noble days’, unearthed by Ivan Pericoli and Benedict Astier de Villatte, both graduates from des Beaux Arts in drawing and painting. True Renaissance men, they give soul to “dream objects”, continuously exploring creative worlds, populated by legends and savoir-faire. Observant of history yet very much anchored in the twenty-first century, Astier de Villatte is a sleeping beauty who breathes life into forgotten centuries and buried stories, accurately reawakening the senses by marrying a white rabbit with a bottle of Eau Chic, decorating a glass with coloured streaks or a trompe l’oeil pattern…

Both romantic and Romanesque, Astier de Villatte flourishes in contact with objects that have fallen into disuse, and it is without a doubt this relentless homage of beautiful things that pushes them to create such elegant anachronisms. To invite the talents of today and global collectives to constantly invoke new aesthetics: carvings inspired by New York artist John Derian, a collection of ceramics designed by the New York designers and artists of Patch – Don Carney, designer and John Ross, calligrapher – and a colourful collection with the Commune de Paris, subversive label of fashion and design…there is always something happening at 173 rue St Honoré.

Astier de Villatte, a brand resolutely of its time.

Astier de Villatte
173 rue St Honoré, 75001 Paris

assemblage of new collections from january 2012.

anthology of Astier de Villatte creations

 box of three small ceramic candles

both versions of candles: glass or ceramic cup with lid in ceramic or glass bowl.

natural incense Astier de Villatte with our fragrances created by Françoise Caron, made in Japan

dishwashing liquid made from essential oils.



scented eraser


agenda and criterium pencil and scented eraser.

Inside of the shop in rue Saint Honoré


scented candles in their "mappemonde" boxes


 agendas and notebooks

Scented candle in its box in collaboration with Commune de Paris

plates and cup "Cubes"

 Scented candle Commune de Paris

t-shirt Gustave & Louise

decoration at "Maison & Objet" fair

zoom on decoration at "Maison & Objet" fair

other anthology of Astier de Villatte accessories

Dish "Patch"

new ceramic collection of January 2012

mug avec a drawing

Heart plate, John Derian collection, created in collaboration with John Derian

installation at Rossana Orlandi in Milan

installation at Rossana Orlandi in Milan

composition of ceramics

large teapot collection "Marble"

hand cream "Suisse" and soap "Suisse"

notebooks "Patch"

all "Tuileries" with bottle, cup small square on the bottom and scarf.

silverware " Naples"

outside of the shop on Rue Saint Honoré

vase Robinson

one of the latest creations of scented candle

plate "Patch"









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