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June 2012

Andrée Deissenberg’ s suitcase

Béatrice Delamotte

Twelve planes in two weeks… That is the latest personal record established by Andrée Deissenberg, the director of Crazy Horse. From Paris to Las Vegas, where the two permanent cabarets of the house are held, followed by a world tour and auditions throughout the world, this young woman still tries to combine work with pleasure during her travels 

Are you more of a hand-carry, trunk, suitcase, travel bag, backpack or no baggage person?
I always take a charcoal grey suitcase made of lightweight plastic. It’s no frills, and fits a lot of things 

What are the essentials for your suitcase?
Shoes! High heels, flats, comfortable shoes, flip-flops…I always take too many. And I always bring a journal. This German one is amazing: it helps me to note which city I’m in on any given day, and by now I have about ten years of records! And also my computer that travels with me too often unfortunately 

What do you bring back from your trips?
Local handicrafts that you can’t find anywhere else. I always try to find a unique object like this old letterbox from the time of Mao Zedong full of old postcards. My apartment is full of curiosities and antiquities like this!

What are your favourite destination and hotel?
I love Africa. I was completely seduced by Tanzania, touched by the proximity you feel to nature, the total peace, moved by the smells of the animals around us. A great experience. As for hotels, I prefer those that are in the middle of nature rather than those in cities, which are usually work-related. Lately I’ve been blown away by the Amangiri in Lake Powell, Utah. A very contemporary piece of architecture, steel and concrete, punctuated with large windows overlooking the red stone valleys. It was fantastic!

Do you have any memories of memorable trips?
Travelling across the United States by car, which was both banal and fantastic. Sleeping in motels, eating in small roadside restaurants, talking with the Native Americans, moving from place to place… Wherever I am, I like to see, understand, grasp, and really live in the country where I am by going to meet the people and sharing their lifestyle. I am a very curious person 


Andrée Deissenberg's suitcase

Clever Tips

In order to waste as little time as possible at the security checks, I never wear a belt and I wear some ballet flats. My jewelry is kept in my bag to avoid having to remove it all at the gate. Other than that, I wear a pair of jogging pants for comfort, I take a book, my computer, and whatever I need to moisturize my skin and lips 



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