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12 august 2016

A Walk in Bordeaux

Bordeaux which is considered as a starting point or as a result of a walk , the city and the right bank of the Garonne offer some of the most charming areas of the Southwest Drive.

We appreciate the great wines of Saint-Emilion, aging in cellars designed by the greatest architects or the intertwining medieval streets of Saint- Emilion, the right bank of the Garonne invites the sweetness , with stops greedy in some restaurants whose chefs regale the taste buds. By approaching the capital of New Aquitaine , we appreciate the charming addresses , family houses or hotels design. Crossing the bridge of Peter, true artery of Bordeaux is the essence of the city that offers : cultural exhibitions , large heads and addresses its last nugget, the wine city.

Cité du vin, Bordeaux. Une balade bordelaise aout 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © ANAKA
Béatrice Delamotte et Adine Fichot Marion

Bordeaux : « capitale » de la Nouvelle Aquitaine et 2e agglomération de France
Population : 1 178 335 habitants (dans la communauté urbaine)
Surnom : Baptisée la « Belle endormie », Bordeaux a retrouvé une nouvelle jeunesse et surtout un renouveau depuis l’arrivée d’Alain Juppé comme maire, en 1995. Classée au patrimoine mondial de l’Unesco, la ville attire aujourd’hui quelque 6 millions de touristes par an.


  • The St. James, calm luxury and pleasure

    Perched on the right bank of the Garonne, a few kilometers from Bordeaux, the Saint-James is a haven of peace and the ideal starting point to enjoy the amenities of the area. Jean Nouvel architecture, gourmet cuisine of Nicolas Magie, lovely welcome and stunning views, the quiet spot for lovers of beautiful places. Since its opening in 1989, the St. James attracts lovers of discreet luxury, away from the crowded beaches and bustle of Bordeaux. If its pioneering development did speak, it is now fully integrated into the landscape. And we like to leave the watch discovering the Garonne valley and Bordeaux away from the terrace overlooking the vineyards or from the rooms and suites. The scenery is breathtaking day and night and fireworks is never far away. Food lovers are also at the party here, either in the starry table of Nicolas Magie or Café of Hope, falsely rabble brasserie and boutique hotel annex to the terrace where you have to drag the good food . And for the lucky ones who will be here between late September and early October, they will participate in the harvest of 12 acres of Merlot from the hotel and thus give life to the 2016 vintage of “Vin du Jardin”.

  • Le Clos du Roy, inventive cuisine

    In the heart of Saint-Emilion the young chef Nikhola Lavie-Cambos chose to open his restaurant, Le Clos du Roy. It could have been a doctor, but it is ultimately the food that caught him. After formed from star chefs, so he chose to stand on its own feet in an address that combines contemporary and tradition, both in decoration or above the plate. Here, regional products (and there are many) are presented in their simplicity, and magnifying textures and tastes. Over the seasons, Nikhola Lavie-Cambos renews an inventive menu, finesse and flavor even dare original marriage as marbled foie gras cocoa and red wine, or the tuna Rossini accompanied by mini stuffed zucchini. A nice step not to miss when you discover Saint-Emilion, its medieval streets, the Cordeliers cloister and the impressive monolith church. A heritage group World Heritage of Unesco.

  • Siaurac castle, castle life

    Want to put yourself in the shoes of a Bordeaux château owner, a listed building? Then whisked straight to Siaurac Château Lalande-de-Pomerol. This attractive property invites you to dive into the heart of a family home, where everything is done to remind the French excellence. period furniture, works of art from Africa and Oceania, full of charm ornaments create a very special atmosphere that encourages happiness. The hosts of the castle, Paul and Véronique Godlschmidt, have managed to preserve the soul of the house Siaurac. The rooms invite to laziness, lounges with large readings in the soft light of evening before get down to business: the cuisine of Jean-François Robert. He knows how to share its love to guests of local products through traditional home cooking, but lightly. And since nothing is left to chance here, dishes succeed in one of the ten service collection of tables, antique Paul Goldschmidt to fre of his walks. Far from being a museum, frozen in the past, the Château Siaurac is a haven of peace, surrounded by a remarkable garden that transports you to the romanticism of the nineteenth century.

  • The City of Wine, a new nugget of Bordeaux

    Open early June, the City of Wine sits on the banks of the Garonne, like a giant decanter or a vine, in the imagination. All dressed in glass and steel structure, not a museum in the traditional sense, but rather an interactive experience that immerses visitors in the world of the vine, its history, its traditions, its different cultures in the world. It’s both fun, exciting and very educational and we begin to use different animations as a child. Of course, understanding the vine can not be complete without practice … A shop and offers a selection of some 1,500 wines from around the world that it is possible to take away or enjoy the restaurant in the “tower” of the city, before going to a panoramic glance at Bordeaux from the lookout on the top floor. To discover absolutely.

  • Chai ultra design by Philippe Starck and Luc Arsène-Henry in Carmelites Haut-Brion

    This property, Carmelites Haut Brion ,10 hectares, into the hands for six years of Pichet Group, is located in Bordeaux! It has just acquired a futuristic winery to the tune of 10 million euros … Opened on June 24, it bears the signature of Philippe Starck designer and his partner Luc Arsène Henry-renowned architect who one must already several high cellars: Ducru Beaucaillou, Pichon Longueville … “It was important to do a non-building outside of the modes so outmoded” says Philippe Starck. “We have sought above all to make this an effective tool chai”, “it is such a blade gushing over water,” continues Luc Arsène-Henry. This technical feat which has 4 levels of decreasing size as an overturned hull in tribute to the boats carrying the wine to the 4 corners of the world is made of concrete, glass and metal … The exterior cladding is a heat shield and filters the toxic gasses. The 2,000 m2 are distributed in an aging cellar which houses 300 barrels below the level of mini water level surrounding the winery, a winery of 23 tanks without beam: the very thin slab serves as a keystone, a room tasting and a terrace of 350 m2 overall styling. Finally, know that it is Ara Starck, daughter of the designer who has made a painting on one of tanks and each year an artist will sign a tank …

  • Baccarat Expo at the Institut Culturel Bernard Magrez

    In the very beautiful setting of the Castle Labottière and its French gardens, you discover, until September 27, the exhibition Baccarat, crystal legend. Founded in 1764, Baccarat has crossed the times to become a symbol of excellence and Art of Living, attractive courses in Europe, Russia, and East Asia and parrying the most illustrious tables across the world. The iconic creations of Baccarat have become true icons and wrote the legendary history of the Lorraine factory. This exhibition allows us to admire a selection of parts, from the first models to the latest collections, synonyms of expertise of Excellence Baccarat. It shows the royal service models from large orders or created for world leaders, from Tsar Nicolas II to the Emperor of Japan, through the president of the United States Franklin Roosevelt … An area dedicated to the legendary Harcourt created in 1841 will recall the unique history of this service among others adopted by Napoleon III. In the end, up to the most contemporary pieces from collaborations with artists and international designers.
    Labottière castle, 16 street Tivoli 33000 Bordeaux.

  • Brewery Gordon Ramsay at The Intercontinental Grand Hotel Bordeaux

    The case caused a stir in the fall of 2015 when Gordon Ramsay, the famous British chef, took over the reins of the Pressoir d’Argent. A successful course! Since June, there was another reason to celebrate: the Brasserie Le Bordeaux Gordon Ramsay was inaugurated opposite the Grand Theatre. In a teeming decor by Jacques Garcia, diners enjoy generous dishes prepared by the chef assisted by Alex Thiebaut, chef. Always respectful of local products, they highlight on the map of Southwest specialties spiced with very British inspiration. We thus find the famous beef Wellington parading next snails Loupiac, a Caesar salad with a voisinant salad Landes … All this is obviously delicious … But this is not a reason to forget the pastries signed Arthur Smith who in addition officer brilliantly reinterprets the Pressoir d’Argent for the brasserie classics: chocolate cake, lemon pie, spring … gariguette.

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