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October 18 2013

The softness of the evening shades near Siena © DR

A Tuscan Palette

Béatrice Delamotte

When one thinks of Tuscany, the image of Florence appears immediately. However, in the south of the region, around Siena, the Crete Senesi offers a strange, almost lunar landscape. A symphony of broken tones, horizons of mixed browns and grays, dotted with flecks of gold when the sun peeks over the top of a hill. Delights for the eye that will make you want to break out your easel.

  • Brown and gray

    Roundness and softness – these might be the first two words that come to mind when we contemplate the landscape of the countryside around Siena. Although autumn has begun to strip the vines of a few leaves, the magic of the landscape is there. The sight of rolling hills, punctuated with beautiful homes. The little winding roads lined with rows of cypress trees. The perfection of the arrangement is breathtaking. The distinctive region of Crete Senesi, literally the Senese clays, offers spectacular views over these ridges in such particular tones. The earth of Sienna is, overall an incredibly rich palette of browns and grays.

  • Red and ocher

    At random from a hole in the clouds, the sun peeks its rays on a point, illuminating the horizon in golden tones. Suddenly, the ochre of a village emerges from the landscape, on top of a headland. The shadow does not exist here: the houses wear the sun in the color of their walls. A touch of red here illuminates the garden of Gicaber’s Villa, member of Ville in Italia, and serves as a contrast to the lush vegetation. Here are the broken tones of a fresco that warm an interior where the ambience must be tempered with a collection of blown-glass vases. Everywhere these warm colors bring a warmth and an atmosphere composed of authentic, simple, comfortable luxury.

  • Green and silver

    As though to temper this riot of colors, the opulent Tuscan nature displays an incredible variety of greens. The almost black cypresses stand as exclamation points that gently mark the landscape with their sharp silver olive lines. Whilst the nuances of carefully ordered vineyards undulate along the hills and grass, lulled by the wind.


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