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23 October 2015


Draws from Venise comme je l’aime guide © Aurore de la Morinerie

By Cécile Sepulchre

Venetians could have welcomed this new guide about Venice with a pout. This work has yet gathered all their votes and is arriving in France with a valuable recognition. Hailed by the finest Italian magazines the guide “Venice as I like it » by France Thierard, has received a first Italian publication, before arriving in France these days.

It differs from other guides, both in its form and its content.

Small, yet it is a beautiful book with its sumptuous colored ink drawings, signed by Aurore de la Morinerie, one of the most famous illustrator in the luxury world. These few 38 elegantly and sensitively made planks give to this book an ethereal atmosphere in harmony with the mists of the lagoon city.

France Thierard retained a bias no less original, by staging various routes, for four profiles of travelers: the dreamer, the adventurer, the erudite and the elegant. They take you by the hand, as friends, to invite you to unprecedented walks through an unknown-to-tourists Venice.

Each of them reflect the personality of the author, flamboyant vagabond who travels the world by spotting its best spots with the safest instinct.

In Venice, where she regularly resides, the irresistible charm of this generous blond girl has opened all doors to her. “Venice, the Belle des eaux, a place of inspiration, an exception, a merry and bright city where I have the happiness to live for four years. Through these four travelers, it is a true and passionate look at the city that I share with the complicity of my Venetian friends, who agreed to deliver intimate moments of their daily life in the lagoon city, “wrote France Thierard .

Through these friendships, the most secret places,

restaurants ignored by tourists, the lost corners of the lagoon city no longer have secrets for her. Well-informed epicurean, she knows the best bars, restaurants and terraces but also low-keyed craftsmen and the most magical walks.

Here and there, historical anecdotes, artistic remarks, slipped in light touches, recall that the author is also a graduate of art history. Everything is told in a beautiful poetic tone, an invitation to all kind of walk. An exceptional gift to give … or to jealously keep .

While preparing the English edition of the Venice guide, the globetrotter has already gone somewhere else to set the new scene of her four travelers. Lisbon should thus be the next chapter of her new collection of “Guides to get lost ». France Thierard, she found herself.

“Venise comme je l’aime” (translate :” Venice as I like it ») A guide to get lost, by France Thierard, Elzeviro Editions, 328 pages, 23,90 euros.


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