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March 21 2014

Noah's Ark, XVII - Dior, Treacy © Cathleen Naundorf

Cathleen Naundorf, photographer and visual poet

By Sophie Mestiri

This week Plume Voyage invites Sophie Mestiri to write in its pages. The head of communications of Arts Workshops and shops of Réunion des Musées Nationaux Grand Palais(RMN) who loves French savoir-faire and art in all its forms of expression, is an author and creator, using cleverly assembled collages. She presents to us her photographer friend, Cathleen Naundorf.

After the Paris Fashion Week, we take a look at another way to approach fashion, in a timeless and poetic manner.

  • Studying art in Munich

    After studying art in Munich and photojournalism on the vast terrains of the Amazon and Siberia, German photographer Cathleen Naundorf, who now lives in France, has spent the past fifteen years ‘living’ in the four corners of the world, as the go-to photographer for the most prestigious fashion houses such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel, Dior, Giorgio Armani, Elie Saab. These major brands don’t think twice when it comes to entrusting their most beautiful pieces to her that she subsequently magnifies in a unique, poetic and dreamlike world.

  • An artistic world populated with fabulous animals

    Armed with her Polaroid, her professional mastery and love of beauty, Cathleen Naundorf transports us into an artistic world populated with fabulous animals, blooming flowers and Renaissance details where the models are stylish women, masters of their femininity, driving their destiny with their head held high, body adorned with finery reflecting the freedom of the designers that they honor and the expertise of petites mains working in the shadows.

  • A charming and poetic emotion

    With each photo, Cathleen Naundorf provides a charming and poetic emotion. Then, our senses sharpened by so much beauty, we distill their more delicate waves to wonder about the painstaking work of this artist’s distinctive style and Baroque artistic influences. Each set, so scrupulously studied by the photographer (who personally chooses the locations, models, makeup and accessories) is a journey of pure beauty through a creation of haute elegance, where the sumptuous dresses of the great couturiers establish themselves as a part of our time, in a fleeting and elegant moment.

  • Avant-garde creation

    Once they have been appropriated by Cathleen Naundorf, each piece of haute couture finds itself immortalized in a timeless era, and in doing so establishes itself as an avant-garde creation that foreshadows the fashion of tomorrow.

  • Just like a Dream

    The majestic series of photos by Cathleen Naundorf, “Just like a dream”, recently published in Harper’s Bazaar, Book Moda spring 2014, invites us into the unique universe of this emotional perfectionist, given the seal of approval by the biggest names in fashion photography.

  • Her News

    The photos of Cathleen Naundorf are exhibited in Hamilton’s Gallery, London
    In April, an exhibition of never-before-seen prints of a private project by Cathleen Naundorf taken with Mr. Valentino in his Château de Wideville, will be on display at Doorstudios.
    In June, Cathleen Naundorf will do the photos for the presentation book of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London to commemorate the exhibition of Horst P. Horst, her mentor and master.

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