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Sleeping in the meadow

in the meadow

Texte and photos Beatrice Delamotte

Tel. +33 1 41 31 08 00.
From 255 euros for the weekend (three nights for six people).









Sleeping amongst the elements does not appeal to everyone. But if it was in a comfortable, heated tent, in a good bed, the experience could be quite different. Even magic.
There are places that make us feel instantly at ease, comfortable, and at home. A bed in a meadow is part of a unique service provided by a collection of seven French farms. The principle is simple: a tent is provided to house six people in the heart of nature. Well a tent… Not quite. There is nothing about it that reminds one of the usual undesirable images of camping. Stripped of any great luxury, it is closer to a lodge than to the tents of our childhoods. The semi-solid structure enables it to have real bedrooms (three), a vast common area and a lavatory. And the whole thing is heated by a wooden stove. That’s it! And it is more than enough. For cooking, you have the choice between an outdoor pot and a barbecue. It’s enough to make you want to (re)discover your inner child soul and prepare memorable meals in high spirits…and plenty of smoke. This service is available in seven farms throughout France, as well as in Europe (England, Netherlands, Germany) and the United States.









Sleeping in the meadow

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