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19 May 2017

Casa de Maquinas, Yucatan PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Ludovic Bischoff

La Hacienda Temozon Sur, Yucatan

Ludovic Bischoff

Want a beautiful escape? Far from the hustle and bustle of cities and the grey days ? In a country that is not yet invaded by yuppies? Then head towards the Yucatan Peninsula, in Mexico, where we found a charming hacienda, ideal HQ for exploring this magnificent area of ​​the southern Estados Unidos Mexicanos …

  • La Hacienda Temozon Sur

    We can’t judge luxury by the number of gilded stars hanging on the pediment of a hotel. If that’s what you’re looking for, then, when you get off the plane in Cancun, just make a few kilometers to find your happiness in the great all inclusive hotels of the Riviera Maya. They stretch along the Caribbean Sea. You will find your happiness. But if you are rather looking for a vacation resort with a soul and history, take a few hours to get inside the Yucatan Peninsula. And reach La Hacienda Temozon Sur, not far from Merida, a beautiful city with colonial architecture.
    In this hacienda from the 17th century, time seems to have stopped. The history of the place is not necessarily very cheerful because a rich family of colonists used to live in this huge estate with hundreds overexploited agricultural workers who produced what made Yucatan rich: sisal or Henequen. From a sort of local agave, a fiber was produced from which ropes were made. The old machines are displayed in a part of the residence and we quickly understand that this work was tiring. But today, the hacienda is entirely oriented towards the well-being of its guests. Some happy few who are staying in the 28 rooms. Some have their own pool. Others are sat up in the old farm buildings, with a high ceiling, floors-tiles glossed by the time and a unique charm. Everywhere, we can find long hammocks in which we relax while listening to nature.

  • The art of sophistication

    In the rooms, each different and filled with pieces of antique furniture from here and there, there are welcoming products made by Mayan craftsmen. Pottery containing shampoo and shower gel made with aloe vera and cucumber. The art of sophistication with fresh herbs on the bed. The culinary art, with a gourmet restaurant where you can taste Yucatec specialties. The art of doing nothing around the long pool in the middle of the old farm. The Hacienda Temozon Sur is home to a number of heads of state. Like Bill and Hilary Clinton who were said to have particularly enjoyed their stay in the “cuerto del patron”! We know exactly what they meant…


  • Things to see and do in the area ...

    The Yucatan Peninsula is full of the most impressive Mayan temples. Chichén Itzá is one of the most famous. Unesco World Heritage Site, its great pyramid, its huge ball playground and various other well-restored buildings are amazing. The site is very crowded but it is worth to face the crowd to discover it, preferably early in the morning before the sun burns your skin and tourist buses invade the place …

  • The city of Tulum

    Further near the Riviera Maya, we marvel at the city of Tulum and its unique position, facing the sea. We love to wander among the different restored temples. But do not forget your swimsuit as it is probably the only archaeological site in the world that has its own beach. After a scholarly visit to understand how this pre-Columbian civilization dominated the continent in the Middle Ages, we go down the ruins of Tulum to swim in the blue water with a view of the temples. Unique! The city of Coba, very close, is much bigger, its pyramid that we climb to enjoy a breathtaking view of the forest over the ruins, is impressive. And don’t forget your swimsuit for a boat ride in the lagoons of the biological reserve of Sian Ka’an surrounding the site. When the boat stops we jump into the water for a small aquatic trail where we let yourself drift in a canal between the mangrove, absolutely magic!

    Useful information :
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