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13 June 2014

The Sweet Escape

The Sweet Escape

By Laurence Gounel

The Sweet Escape
You must have noticed it: everyone is on two wheels! Preferably with some elegance. Or a hint originality. Here is our selection of favourites to get you noticed.

  • The Green Bike

    Bambou Bike by Greenchamp
    Although this model may seem like a farce, it is actually a super solid, extra light mini racer for the under 5s. Honey pervades the fibres of the bamboo so that the wood does not split over time. This is a top look that juggles an apparently eco-friendly frame and extra large wheels that give it more stability.

  • The Surfer Bike

    Surfing never goes out of fashion, as Cuise de Grenouille – the new French board shorts label – had the brilliant idea to get itself noticed this season by devising a beach kit, in collaboration with Bicycle Store, that is an invincible babe-magnet: a bike + a surfboard with inbuilt support. The proof is in the pudding.
    www.bicyclestore.fr and www.cuissedegrenouille.fr

  • The Tubular Bike

    Vélonia by Viks
    Here is a bike that is distinguished by its stripped-back, ultra graphic appearance. The handlebars are reduced to their simplest form with a symmetrical side with two frames that look almost glued together. Better still, the fork and handlebars are one. Total weight: 5kg. Available in various colours and technical combinations…

  • The Electric Bike

    1. Velorapida goes Retro
    It may look like a good old postman’s bicycle, but this model is very much a bike of today: power assisted, with glistening chrome work, a retro style and premium leather accessories. A small wonder that only this Italian firm, specialists in electric vintage bikes, know how to pull off.

  • 2. Biker style at Oto Cycles

    Yes, you may have to look twice before you realise that it really is a bike. This UFO is the brainchild of engineers from Barcelona with a passion for design! As each part is created entirely by hand, you can personalize it all: from the saddle to the wheels, and even the motor and batteries. Despite its heavy-duty appearance, this bike is equipped with a 250 watt battery.

  • The Dutch Bike

    1.Tulip 2 by Tulip Bikes
    You will fall in love with this classic Dutch bicycle, with its grandma-on-her-way-home-from-the-flower-market feel but this brand’s speciality is to personalise its Dutch bike to the max: with a choice of 4 basic models, from there anything is possible. And your good deed for the day? Riding a Tulipbike promotes mutual aid: almost 70% of the label’s employees have a physical or mental handicap.

  • 2. Marton Cycling Co

    In line with these Dutch inspired bikes, the Martons have been a hit for several seasons with its both retro and modern design, due to its instantly recognisable bright red chain. Thanks to the Duomatic system, the pinion adapts to the rider’s speed. The art of pedaling without the perspiration.

  • The Chic Bike

    Sol & Luna
    Chic by pure excellence and an insight into gaucho culture, this Argentinean bike is trimmed entirely in leather, equipped with a thermos and satchel. Definitely not a lightweight – 35kg -, it makes up for this with its saddle-stitched finishes and style from every angle.

  • The Road Bike

    Our top 3 favourite customisations from Fixies:

    Levi’s Commuter x Boicut x Vanmoof
    A very pretty Fixie put together by the FixDich boutique in Vienna, a customization of a typical Dutch pinion by the Vanmoof label.

  • Fixdich x Boicut

    The Humming Bird by Les Chérubins
    The newest creation by the oldest bicycle brand in Japan, founded in 1965, the Humming Bird pinion is inspired by a 1932 motorcar: the Buckminster Fuller Dymaxion. Exquisite curves, a new addition, have nothing to envy of the original model. You can understand why these manufacturers are also the best respected assemblers in the peninsula…


  • The Iconic Bike

    A Pedersen
    Designer Mikael Pedersen first created his bicycle in the 19th century, starting with the saddle. The result: a unique appearance and recognisable trademark at first glance…but more importantly, optimum comfort. This is because the suspended saddle has the ability to follow the movements of the pelvis. Last but not least: no Pedersen catalogue but a basic kit (frame, fork and saddle) and a made-to-measure assembly at Bicloune that complies with all your deepest desires. A complete half-measure.

  • The Space Saver Bike

    Brompton M-Type
    Brompton, master of the fold-up bike, never forgets the aesthetics. Try one in a zingy colour with voluntarily old school handlebars, chrome mud flaps and waterproof flanks. On the practical side, it is extremely compact, with 6 gears and a manageable weight of 11.6kg.

  • The Designer Bike

    The epitome of Parisian chic, this bicycle was reinterpreted by the Moynat Malletier house in 2014…but still remains a novelty for the lucky few wanting to place an order. The bike is a made-in-Italy invention and the entire appearance – leather-trimmed handlebars and seats – as well as the adjoining trunk are clearly designed by the hands of a leather workshop.

  • The Must-have Accessory

    Tian by Mikili
    Nerveux à l’idée de laisser votre beau vélo sur le palier ? Pourquoi ne pas en faire un bel objet déco. C’est moins cher qu’un Basquiat et tout aussi efficace pour animer un grand mur blanc. On choisit l’étagère avec le tiroir en noyer, définitivement chic.
    Does the idea of leaving your bike on the rack make you nervous? Why not try a decorative piece, one that is less pricey than a Basquiat and just as effective at livening up a white wall. Choose a shelf with a walnut drawer, the definition of chic.

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