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10 June 2014

Spa, Park Hyatt Vienna. Photo ©Marie Le Fort

Park Hyatt Vienna

By Marie Le Fort

The latest jewel in the Viennese crown, the Park Hyatt Vienna invests in the walls of a former bank to update its codes. Here is a preview of the new hotel.

  • The presence of a noblewoman

    On the Am Hof Square is an awe-inspiring facade: it is undeniable that the Park Hyatt Vienna maintains the stature of a former bank. The presence of a noblewoman. Established in the heart of the Viennese ‘Golden Quarter’, this becomes part of the hotel’s identity: a symbol of luxury that links Vienna’s rich past and its contemporary instincts, a stone’s throw from the city’s exclusive shopping district.

  • The luxury is in the space

    This 100-year-old building – constructed by architects Ernst Von Gottlhilf and Alexander Neumann between 1913 and 1915 – proudly wears its imperial habits: high ceilings, white marble walls flecked with black, geometric Art Deco prints and allegories carved in metal that surround an antique clock. Upon entry, this impressive edifice weighs on its treasures with excellent taste, as if to intimidate its guests. The luxury is in the space.

  • A masculine scene

    Upstairs, at the top of a magnificent staircase, the offices and anti-chambers of previous directors of the bank project a muted image. A masculine scene, with aromas of whisky and cigars.

  • Woodwork lined with canvases

    Its rich woodwork lined with canvases and portraits of Emperor Franz-Josef, marble fireplaces and wallpaper printed with coats of arms or gold designs. These perfectly burnished club armchairs are a tempting escape.

  • The Pearl Bar

    One floor up, there are more high-ceilings and enormous emblematic Wiener Werkstatte brooches adorning the walls or acting as partitions in the Pearl Bar: faithful replicas of jewellery designed by Joseph Hoffmann, their foliage prominent amongst imposing volumes.

  • Modernity presents itself in every vein:

    a stylish two-floor spa with a cerulean blue pool installed in a former vault, customized citrus beauty products concocted by perfumer Blaise Mautin and mother-of-pearls embedded in the floors of every room, like a welcoming ex-libris.

  • Open kitchen

    In turn, illuminated beneath its diffusing ceiling, the vast open kitchen that adjoins the restaurant promotes locally sourced products, offering fish from the Danube and Viennese specialities.

  • Would Madame like another creamy coffee beautifully served on a delicate silver platter?

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