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31 July 2015

Domaine de Rochevilaine © DR

Capitain, oh capitain

By Béatrice Delamotte

Imagine you are alone, at sea, at the tip of a private peninsula… the only noise are the waves to send you to sleep, the cry of seagulls to wake you up… You are at the domain de Rochevilaine.

  • A magical realm

    The rocky spur between ocean and estuary of the Vilaine, the tip of Pen Lan is home to one of the most beautiful places in Brittany: the Domaine de Rochevilaine. You can’t get lost: the road stops there, in font of a porch sculpted in the 13th century. One you have crossed the « portail de vérité » you enter into a magical realm: that of fairies, knights and Queens. An enchanted world made of mansions, farmhouses, chateaux made of granite or east Indian factories, ( je ne suis pas sûr) as many buildings purchased by the first owner Henri Dresch and lovingly finished by the current owner Bertrand Jacquet.

  • Breath-taking view

    Over the years, the first owner of the place, Henri Dresch, surveyed the region to develop some new buildings, he dismantled each stone by stone to create a new life here. So many atmospheres that make up an extraordinary world where it has established its roots. (j’ai trouvé ce ligne vraiment difficile) The sole similarity between the bedrooms: the view of the sea, omnipresent, sometimes peaceful, almost still, but sometimes aggressive. Although it is always friendly, because here its not a question of suffering any inconvenience. The decor is contemporary like in the artists loft with its breath-taking view, or the more classic room like in the Admiral chamber, there is no doubt that the horizon is fascinating.

  • A luscious garden

    While the immense horizon seems to continue for forever, it is always possible to take refuge in the luscious garden. An oasis of calm, whatever time of day, where in the in the midst of a multitude of flowers and plants it is good to sample some light meals from the young chef Maxime Nouail. Of course the seafood is the star of the menu, which supports struggling local fisherman who bring their finest products every evening. The dishes are deceptively simple which are enjoyed in the beautiful dining room, overlooking the sunset as the rays disappear into the crest of the waves. Waiting excitedly to see the green ray, we savour the superb menu entirely devoted to lobster, which comes in every form possible and is always cooked to perfection.

  • A stop to the spa

    If the most courageous would like to try the swimming pool carved into the rock and only available at high tide, the others will appreciate the inside pool, giving you a taste of the spa. As a tribute to the Phéniciens who lives in the Pen Lan many years ago, it offers a range of treatments of treatments including a relaxing treatment performed on a heated massage table, called the Phoenician table. We live in harmony with the place again and are ready for every adventure.

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