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January 2016

Safrans du Monde, Around the world in 22 days. A Breaj January 2016 PLUME VOYAGE. @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

Around the world in 22 days with Safrans du Monde

By Laurence Gounel

With a privatized 340 Airbus, on the coming November 19th, Safrans du Monde will launch a world tour conceived as a cruise: 22 days, 12 calls, from Tahiti to Petra, through the Great Barrier Reef, Rio Machu Picchu, Easter Island, Taj Mahal and Hanoi …

After a career started in the hotel industry, it is at Air France that Guy Bigiaoui catches the trip “virus” , then he sharpens his expertise with air cruises at a tour operator … before launching into the world tours and trips adventure he can not imagine anything else than custom-made. We are in 2003. Today Safrans du Monde has become the specialist of lifetime trips, with almost 300 possible combinations to offer the ideal World Tour and a hundred countries to design a custom trip. Interview.

How was this air cruise by private plane project born?
We offer world tours since 2006. But I had the dream to design one without the inherent constraints of regular airlines. By drawing the most direct possible paths between places, without undergoing changes of matches, crew, aircraft … focusing flights of time of 3 to a maximum of 7 hours between each “destination”, keeping a sense of rhythm and enhancing the contrast of cultures, landscapes and wildlife. Only one solution: travel on a single plane for 3 weeks. And who says private plane said lightness: no need to be concerned about passport, luggage … Memories can accumulate over stops and stay on the plane to return to Paris, luggage follow globetrotters from airplanes to hotels!

Are there planned surprises?
There are even some surprise that should mark the life of the lucky ones embarking on November 19th. I am willing to share the first one: we will be flying from Le Bourget but rather than following passenger private jets, we will be boarding from the Museum. The historic boarding area of ​​the Bourget is something! Our trip will end with a lavish party on the site of Petra … but I will say no more. This trip asked us two years of work.

What do you like while designing a world tour?
World tours fascinate me because they are often lifetime trips. I will always remember one of the first trips I had accompany: I found myself on the plane next to a lady who confessed to me she was flying for the first time. She had worked her whole life for a family, and had been saving money during number of years in the hope to afford this « madness » on one day. I then realized the responsibility that we are bearing. It was not just to accompany a trip but “realizing » a life long dream, sharing and supporting an important moment of a couple, a family.

What are the memories that come to your mind?
The more or less incredible demands and “gates” that we could open. The only time I stalled is when I had to gather 10 original Warhol for the day after, in Nice.

Safrans du Monde, Around the world in 22 days. A Breaj January 2016 PLUME VOYAGE. @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

Cruise price:
In Espace Safrans, € 21 900 per person. For registration before February 29th: € 15,900.
First Class, € 45 700 per person. For registration before February 29th: € 39,700.
Prices include flights, accommodation in 5 star hotels, full board and all drinks, coaching in several languages, excursions, special events, surprises …

More information on www.safransdumonde.com

Safrans du Monde, Around the world in 22 days. A Breaj January 2016 PLUME VOYAGE. @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

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