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11 July 2014

Cabins of the Salagnac Region of Corrèze © Ludovic Bischoff

Cabins of the Salagnac Region of Corrèze

By Ludovic Bischoff

Hidden in a forest of pines, beeches and chestnut trees at the heart of Corrèze, the ‘Cabins of the Salagnac Region’ are amongst the first wooden lodgings that fully respect nature, all the while offering top of the range services.

The proof is in this successful alliance of design and ecology, of respecting the environment and the comforts of modern technology.

  • Yurts, tipis, log cabins, igloos, caravans…

    Yurts, tipis, log cabins, igloos, caravans…the various different styles of authentic hotel rooms has developed considerably in recent years. And not necessarily for the happiness and comfort of guests, many of who often find themselves huddling together like penguins in a freezing, non-waterproof makeshift shelter! The durability of these sleeping structures, which tend to offer basic dry toilets and a candlelit atmosphere, does very little to reassure you. The ‘Cabins of the Salagnac Region’ take the completely opposite view of this ecological, boho trend that simply advocates an austere return to nature, albeit for the same price as a three star hotel room! Budding interior architect Apolline Terrier wanted to show that you could design a dwelling that takes nature into consideration, whilst offering the best of modern comfort.

  • A series of larch ‘boxes’ mounted on stilts

    And for her, this project is a well-worn path, with a playing field of forty acres of pines, beeches and chestnut trees in her homestead of Corrèze that she has surveyed since her childhood. She has constructed six cabins – all of which are unique in France. Taking inspiration from a cubic structure that she divided into two parts, the result was a series of larch ‘boxes’ mounted on stilts, to make them blend in with the treetops.

  • The best possible view

    Orientated towards the forest, these cabins turn their back on the sun, offering guests– through colossal bay windows – the best possible view, all the while rooting themselves perfectly in nature. And above all, comfort is key. Bathrooms, showers, a kitchenette equipped with ceramic hobs and a microwave, a flat-screen in the master bedroom…A far cry from Robinson Crusoe’s makeshift hut!

  • "UltraEpur"

    And yet, technology does not omit ecology. Quite the opposite, in fact. Far better than dry toilets and more respectful than a ventilation system, sewage water is entirely decontaminated and recycled onsite by means of an « UltraEpur » system. Originally designed to equip a space station, this method allows the displacement of water that is both 100% drinkable and harmless to nature. This is the first time that such technology has been used by individuals … or on earth!

  • Technology, comfort and respect for nature

    All these particular details helped this unique gite to clinch its ‘Green Key’ certificate, a label issued by the Foundation for Environmental Education. The ‘Cabins of the Salagnac Region’ prove that you can align technology, comfort and respect for nature. It may well be that such an architectural statement will inspire others. Let’s hope so! And whilst we wait, why not allow ourselves a weekend in the trees, without giving up the little luxuries. And see if this ecology really works!

    Starting at 200 euros per night per cabin


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