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Golden Palais-Royal


Text et photos PLUME

A little gem created in 1622 at the request of Cardinal de Richelieu, Palais-Royal is another world entirely. In the centre of Paris, it’s linked  to the Théâtre de la Comédie-Française, the Constitutional Council, and the Ministry of Culture. Its gardens are bordered by colonnades that house just as many addresses selling clothes and accessories as it does toy shops and boutiques filled with treasures from another time.Perfumers like Serge Lutens and glove makers such as Maison Fabre remind us that this area has always been a source of beautiful things, ever since its creation. A former district of herbalists, a Mecca of culture and home of the revolutionary spirit, Palais-Royal and its surroundings are one of the definitive areas of Paris. After the Buren columns and the Sphérades de Bury, the restorative work on the historical buildings will continue for some time. The four year restoration scheme for the Orléans, Chartres, and Proue Galleries and the Montpensier peristyle began in 2009. The stone is to be cleaned and consolidated, the bronze lanterns and the grills are to be repaired – a meticulous, artisan project which demands the expertise of the best craftsmen in France. A little golden jewel… From June 25th to July 24th 2011, 70 photographs of forests all over the world will be on display at Place du Palais Royal, hosted by the Good Planet foundation, presided over by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.





Golden Palais-Royal




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