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02 December 2016

Gare Saint Paul, Voyage, Lyon Fetes des Lumières. PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Camille Gross & Leslie Epsztein

Lyon, lights in the night …

Ludovic Bischoff

The Festival of Lights returns to Lyon in early December. An unprecedented edition to marvel at the luminous creations of the greatest artists. And shout loudly that those who worship the darkness will never win against the joy of meeting together to dream.

  • An act of resistance.

    In the current state of emergency and threats of attacks, organizing a huge crowd gathering in the heart of a city has become a real act of resistance. A way of saying loud and clear that we will not change our way of life. The next edition of the famous Festival of Lights in Lyon illustrates this position perfectly. Canceled in 2015, following the terrible Parisians of 13 November, the Festival of Lights returns this year, brighter and magic than ever. An unpublished edition to reaffirm the desire and the joy to meet all together to marvel and dream …

  • Popular gathering

    Over the years, the traditional Festival of Lights celebrated by the Lyonnais has become a flagship event all over the world. So much so that this celebration, with religious roots that has become a popular gathering, has risen to third place on the podium of the biggest international events gathering the largest number of participants, behind the Munich Beer Festival and the Carnival of Rio!

  • A fairytale

    At least 3 million visitors are expected this year, from December 8 to 10, 2016. And all will be amazed at the light and musical animations, enhanced by the latest technologies, from video to projected images on buildings, Of the greatest international artists. A fairytale and free ride proposed this year, in a format a little reduced compared to previous editions: one day less and a shorter time range (from 8pm to midnight). And in a more concentrated perimeter, mainly in the Presqu’île, which is the city center of Lyon and which will be entirely restored to pedestrians! Measures taken with a view to maximum security.

  • See everything in one evening!

    As a result, the 2016 edition of the Festival of Lights will be even more pleasant and friendly due to its refocusing on the historic heart of the city which will allow visitors to (almost) see everything in one evening! It must be said that the program is loaded. Around forty artistic projects are disseminated throughout the city. 100% original and unpublished creations, since it is the DNA of this event. 95% of the works scheduled in 2015 were postponed this year.

  • Digital projection

    Among the key works not to be missed are the sunset and light moonrise on the Fourvière hill (Philippe Cotten’s Sun), the deconstruction and reconstruction via digital projection of the Saint-Jean cathedral (Evolution of Yann Nguema with a Musical creation of the EZ3kiel group), the Jules Verne odyssey on the façades of the Place des Terreaux (without top, below by Joseph Couturier), magical diving in the fairground universe, in the center of the Ferris wheel of Place Bellecour (A Dream by Nathanaëlle Picot) or the open-air dance hall of the Quartier Grolée where we go guincher in front of a “cement mixer faceted”!

  • Lyon is rediscovered by night

    The idea is to walk without restraint and to marvel at falling by chance on a bridge transformed into a luminous ship (The Bright Boat by Frédéric Godeau on the footbridge Abbot Couturier) or on a pachyderm all dressed in LED (Elephant Rouge by Fabrice Cahoreau, Place Charles-Beracher). Carried away by the crowd and attracted by the lights, Lyon is rediscovered by night. And we resist the dictatorship of those who want to divide us. At night, under the glow of multicolored neon lights, we all have the same colors …

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