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11 December 2015

Philharmonie de Paris. A Break at the Philharmonie de Paris december 2015 PLUME VOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © W Beaucardet

La Philharmonie

By Béatrice Delamotte

Latest creation of architect Jean Nouvel, the new concert hall, inaugurated in the spring, reflects the East opening of the capital and is part of the future of Grand Paris.

  • Urban harmony

    “In the Philharmonic word, we can already easily imagine the love of harmony. “For Jean Nouvel, to whom we owe the futuristic architecture of the new hall of Paris shows, the maintenance building of peaceful relations with its environment. Harmony with the light of Paris thanks to the architecture of reflections measured and compounds, created by a quiet relief evidenced by the graphics drawn by the cobblestones of cast aluminum. Harmony with the Parc de la Villette with the horizontal shelter garden under construction, punctuation follies, reflections in the shadows shine. Harmony with City of Music by drawing oblique planes, tilings lines of force. And even harmony with the ring road and nearby suburbs by creating a dynamic and distant view, a sign of light at night.

  • Architectural Poetry

    Varied trajectories, multiple openings, ownership games, the Philharmonie building is an ode to architecture and real Noah’s ark. Thus, coverage consists of 340,000 birds, seven different forms, and four shades ranging from light gray to black. Nearly 265,000 other birds are put siding on the facades to feature a large flight, while the remaining 65,000 dress the square and are part of the acoustic roof of the Great Hall.

  • Enveloped by music

    Or “shoe box” as the Vienna Musikverein, no room “in the vineyard” as the Berlin Philharmonic, the Great Hall of the Paris Philharmonic invents a new model, and enveloping air that creates true intimacy. “The evocative hall of intangible webs of music and light suspends spectators on long balconies cantilever such clouds … The suspension creates the impression of being surrounded, immersed in the music and light” explains Jean Nouvel. The concert becomes a full experience. Organic shapes of the room, warmth of wood, everything contributes to feel good.

  • Nourishing the soul and body

    Music lovers, the mind filled with music, can also satisfy more mundane appetites in the restaurant of the place. Thus, Le Balcon, located on the sixth floor of the Philharmonie, offers a framework esthete, designed by architect Frederic Druot. As for concerts, the staging is neat and delicate: majestic counter, open kitchen allows to watch the ballet of the brigade led by Karil Lopez. The chef knows how to play its Franco-Spanish origins offers cuisine tending towards bistronomy, a chic and elegant classicism. Without fuss or detour, he infuses his classical map bases, while paying careful attention to sauces and nobility of products.

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