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14 August 2015

Pierre-Alexandre Risser © Béatrice Delamotte

A Break with Pierre-Alexandre Risser

By Béatrice Delamotte

Creator of happiness
For a quarter of a century, Pierre-Alexandre Risser has designed several of the most beautiful urban gardens. His clients? Major names including Kenzo, Ungaro and Azzarro, but also various unidentified customers. Defining himself as a “garden life organiser”, he opens up the doors of his private universe.

  • The fantasy of every child

    Discovering Pierre-Alexandre Risser’s hideout, means walking through his nursery – without trying to be too distracted by the magnificence of various plants -, passing through a wooden door and climbing a path lined with flourishing hedges before entering into…Eden! The fantasy of every child and adult who knows how to dream; from the large tree-house that overlooks the natural pool to the wall of bamboo that hides the house, all contribute to this wonderful world. It is here that this city gardener cultivates his corner of secrets. But do not allow yourself to be fooled by the apparent chaos that reigns: each plant has been carefully selected and the furniture – a mix of art deco and vintage objects – helps create the look. This false simplicity testifies to the art of this master of places, a talent that has been honoured by numerous awards.

  • Creating gardens that offer an array of emotions and pleasure

    “By taking inspiration from plants, we can learn to live together”, declares Pierre-Alexandre, who continues to marvel at the complicity, indeed the mutuality that could develop plants to share the same space. “We live in a city society that needs outdoor life and gardens. My metier consists of creating gardens that offer an array of emotions and pleasure that can make life easy.”

  • Combining his two passions

    In order to achieve this chemistry, Pierre-Alexandre happily marries ornamental plants and garden vegetables, combining his two passions: cooking and gardening. A large vegetable patch runs the length of the house and you have to see the pleasure that he takes in unearthing a few potatoes, picking aromatic herbs and three tomatoes that can be found, just moments later, simply prepared at the large communal table by the pool.

  • Gardening is a vector of social peace

    “Gardening takes patience, but there is definitely a reward for hard work, with beautiful plants and healthy vegetables. This is idea that everyone can consider, from the smallest/youngest to the largest/oldest, insists Pierre-Alexandre. Gardening is a vector of social peace. So let’s be optimists; learn to cultivate our own happiness!”


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