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15 August 2014

Essences. © Parfums de Bastide

Parfums de la Bastide

By Laurence Gounel

Luxury and perfumery are no strangers to them. Having spent ten years of his life at LVMH under the direction of Anne-Cécile Vidal, before they met at Annick Goutal, William Bouheret is now Managing Director of the house.

And the desire to shape their own furrow no longer … The result: they are at the top of their game in 2014 with this with fresh young perfume house that pushes the tag made in Provence.

  • Why choose the South?

    To get back to their roots. Provence, Grasse and its plants…the birthplace of French perfumery. This is the home of all the knowledge, workshops and raw materials that create beautiful products. We also wanted to promote all things made in France, and lay to rest outdated clichés about provencial perfumery.

  • How do you establish your identity as a French perfumer?

    By not limiting yourself to working with the French nose. We chose the Robertet house – a Grassoise institute – which possesses one of the most beautiful collections of raw materials who supplied us with the necessary components. Our glass-manufacturer is also based in Nice, as is our screen printer. The factory is in the Aix-en-Provence region. As for our hard oak cases, we employ an artisan from Jura. Last of all, it doesn’t matter that our corks are fabricated in Catalonia…

  • What were the the initial challenges?

    That we could produce beautiful things and create contemporary perfumes providing we used materials that we all can recognise: Menton lemons, lavender of Sault, Lubéron figs, roses from Grasse…Simply anything that powers the postcard but that also has this element of subtlty, seeing as we work according to the rules of this particular art.

  • The philosophy of the house?

    Always take inspiration from the material rather than using reason to reach a target. We start by working on an essence that appeals to us. We all have very strong olfactive memories. Today, with all the various combinations of materials plus marketing, star-designers heavily influence the choice of perfume. This is exactly what we want to avoid: we were committed to creating an understandable, sincere and authentic collection. In terms of substance – by simply perfecting Grassoise scents – and shape – by calling on local savoir-faire.

  • Why Parfums de la Bastide?

    Because farmhouses embody the whole charm of Provence. Having looked through many books about the renovations of these wonderful structures, I suddenly realised something: all those who strive to give new life to these buildings want to focus on preserving their structure, their authenticity, their history, even if they do add a final hint of modernity…Our approach is the same: we wish to highlight the Grassoise heritage with a contemporary result and a fine finish.

  • Les Parfums de la Bastide

    A Collection of 5 perfumes, 100ml, 125€.
    Including an oak case, 200 €.


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