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Scoubidous !

A Bridge on Two Shores: Scoubidous !

Misu Kim

Attentive at the beauty which connect past and present, at the ancestral gesture, the Korean artist Kwangho Lee transform ordinary materials in furniture, knitting sorts of big Scoubidous.

Rising star in the universe of the Korean industrial art, Kwangho Lee just presented its last work, realized in association with
the italian brand Fendi. Leather furniture braided, in hommage to the know-how of the house, in its art of the « hand made »,
presented to the Galleria Department of Seoul. This art of knitting, Kwangho Lee holds it of its childhood, spent in the
countryside, with his grandfather farmer. Very early, he learns the importance of gesture and especially that common materials
can be transformed into valuables. Kwangho Lee moreover made its motto. A philosophy which is of use a watermark into
its work today. « I dream of producing my works like a farmer, patiently waiting to harvest the rice in autumn after planting
the seed in spring. »

Its works, integrated into series, are inspired by this visible simplicity, at least in the used materials. So, for the series « Obsession »,
Kwanghoo Lee knits literally pipe in flexible PVC to transform  it into armchairs, sofas, lamps and small elements of furniture.
Attached to his roots, he believes that, as his grandfather, to connect and to make a knot is part of the human instinct.
« People invented many sorts of knots to survive, go fishing, hunt, but also built houses, transport objects, explain
Kwangho Lee. Each of us possesses this instinct, this capacity to make things with the hands. To us to be creative and to dread
the various manners of objects. »


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