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January 2012

Christophe Marchesseau’s suitcase

Marie Le Fort

“The essential tool in healthcare is the hand.” A phrase full of common sense that perfectly illustrates the philosophy of Christopher Marchesseau, who combines on the five fingers of the same hand, the expertise of a physiotherapist, osteopath, a masseur, a therapist and a coach. At the origin of the concept of Kiné-Spa, which he has elegantly named ‘Excellence des Sens’, it takes care of the body on every level, alleviating one by one the pressures that weigh it down. An ardent supporter of a personalized approach, he believes that “spas should cultivate leaders, in the same way that the great chefs create the renown of the great restaurants” by revealing new levels and sensory experiences. Voted the ‘Meilleure Main de France’ this year, we were not surprised to find that his appointment book is full of famous names. And well done to them, because it could be no one else!

Are you more of a hand-carry, trunk, suitcase, travel bag, backpack or no baggage person?
I take an Italian leather travel bag, with a cashmere interior by Brunello Cucinelli, as my hand-carry. Sliding your hand into this bag to retrieve my passport is a tactile pleasure

What are the essential items in your suitcase?
My ideal would be to travel with only what I wear and my toothbrush because a trip, for me, is a celebration of freedom. I am a nomad happy with nothing, or just the essentials (the essence of the sky)

What do you bring back from your trips?
Scents, memories, encounterss…Anything that permits one to close your eyes and at once be transported back and feel profoundly serene

What are your favorite destination and hotel?
My favorite destination is St Bart’s…it’s home when I’m there! 3 minutes after having landed in a tiny plane, I appreciate how lucky I am to live there after flying over the turquoise and transparent waters. I much prefer living on the seafront to staying in a hotel…

Do you have memories of memorable trips?
One summer in Ramatuelle, I massaged the wife of the singer Sting and he took his guitar, and a song, and serenaded us during the massage


Christophe Marchesseau's suitcase

The tips

Loose clothing, water, plenty of water, my headphones to get away from the noise of the cabin, my pashmina spritzed with a touch of Maharadja de Nicolaï fragrance for comfort. My seat becomes MY territory. Upon arrival, a good massage is essential to “unwind”


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