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December 2011

Pierre Corthay’s suitcase

Julie André

Whether on the road to negotiate distribution agreements, or perched on top of a Swiss mountain for the Excellence Run car rally – which he organizes to honour the Compagnons du Devoir – the Parisian shoemaker Pierre Corthay promotes exceptional craftsmanship with passion. Combined with his love of all things beautiful, we suggest you visit his Parisian boutique without delay… 

Are you more of a hand-carry, trunk, suitcase, travel bag, backpack or no baggage person?
I usually travel rather light; I’m content with bringing very few things! I prefer not to bring multiple bags. I only really need a travel bag, and I adapt its size according to the duration of my trip but as a general rule, I try to travel light  

Is your suitcase very organised or a bit of a jumble?
It’s bit of a mess, but I only pack clothes and essential items in it. However, I always come back with more things because I like bringing back memories of the countries I visited  

What are the essentials for your suitcase?
My essential items are a colouring book and crayons that I always take with me to record everything that might inspire me, but also to write down memories from my travels. I also take a small camera that comes everywhere with me, so that I can bring back memories for my family and myself. During the flight, I am never without my iPod and a good pair of headphones, which are also perfect for passing the time waiting in airports. And when I travel for more than 3 days, I always take my travel guitar  

What kind of wash-bag do you have and what are its essentials?
For toiletries, it’s the same as situation as my travel bag – I like to take the bare minimum! A mini toothbrush and my cologne, which I have worn for years. For everything else, I use the products provided by the hotel, which are always perfectly adequate for these things  

Pierre Corthay
1, rue Volnet
75002 Paris


pierre cortay

Clever Tips

For long flights, I never forget: a cushion for my neck, a mask and earplugs, in an attempt to travel in the best possible conditions and relax as much as I can…And of course, I always have a good book with me, to avoid boredom!



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