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PLUME VOYAGE. A magazine. An experience. A proposal… A journey.
The curiosity which takes us beyond borders, the envy for a different, imaginary,
internal or artistic journey continues to inspire PLUME VOYAGE.
In this fifth issue, PLUME VOYAGE drops its luggage in Switzerland.


A bridge on two shores:

Chic knitting

This year, knitwear is the only way, as we revisita
trend that was previously reserved for grandmothers.
With decorative items, fashion accessories and even
street art, knitting is reinventing itself….

My suitcase :

Pierre Corthay

Whether on the road to negotiate distribution agreements,
or perched on top of a Swiss mountain for the Excellence
Run car rally – which he organizes to honour the Compagnons
du Devoir – the Parisian shoemaker Pierre Corthay promotes
exceptional craftsmanship with passion. Combined with his
love of all things beautiful, we suggest you visit
his Parisian boutique without delay

A break :

Swiss Designers

When we think of Swiss design, the success of
the “Helvetica” font is obvious as a timeless reference.
In its image, Swiss designers compete in a ‘creativity silent’
to update their classics: aesthetic and technological
performance, formal ingenuity and functional simplicity,
they distinguish themselves with style

The world of…:

L’ écal

One would bet that the best design school would be
located in the heart of one of the capitals of design. In Milan,
London or NY, for example. But this is not the case: it is in
Switzerland, firmly rooted in Lausanne! ECAL is its nickname;
the Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne, founded in 1821 is
at the forefront of traditional…creations.
..

David Blot Cinema

From Paris to the Moon

The fifth edition of the chronicle by journalist David Blot.
This time, he helps us to (re)discover some seminal
fi lms of their genre
..

Wander around:

Mountain Design Hotels

An elegantly designed place in the fresh mountain air !
If Switzerland is often synonymous with traditional
spirit, it is here that these traditions are dusted
off and given a modern edge: exposed wood, design lines,
architectural igloos, high altitude and clear open
spaces – the Swiss mountains peaks are the
winter destination to discover

It’s now:

Nahmad Collection in Zurich

Based in Monaco, the Nahmad family is known for the
quality of their modern art collections. Indeed, it would
have been their name that supplied many of the major
auctions of recent years. Reconciled for the fi rst time
at the Kunsthaus Zürich, one hundred masterpieces have
come together to reveal pieces by Pablo Picasso, Matisse,
Modigliani, Kandinsky and even some of Claude
Monet’s later paintings in iridescent colours

Travel news:

A shower of awards for Swiss International Airlines

For the second time, the Helvetic airline has been
named best European business class and best airline
for short and medium haul fl ights at the Travel Star
Awards run by the magazine Travel Inside. As in 2010,
Swiss received the maximum points available, ahead of
Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines. Also, for the fi rst time,
Swiss was included in the top three “longhaul non-stop” category..Read more >>

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