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November 2011

PLUME VOYAGE. A magazine. An experience. A proposal … A journey.

The curiosity which leads us beyond borders, the desire for a different journey, imaginary,
inner or artistic, continue to inspire PLUME VOYAGE.
This fourth issue, PLUME VOYAGE stops in London.

Contents :

A bridge on two shores

Smythson, the legend

Nestled in the heart of Bond Street, London’s
temple of luxury, the Smythson boutique was
opened here in 1887. This is where Frank Smythson
opened his first establishment, specializing
in stationery, lea

My suitcase :

Nathalie Perrodo

This young Franco-Chinese woman has lived in
London for many years. A new mother, she makes
many trips back and forth between the British
capital, where she manages the “wine investments”
branch of the familial group

A break :

Restaurants d’auteurs

Less transient than in New York, more creative
than in Paris, London restaurants are
experimenting as much on the plate as they are
with the decor. Chefs coming from all horizons,
brining with them Southern

Their world:

Francis Sultana

Francis Sultana has worked with all the greatest
artists and designers. Better still, he was even
responsible for launching some of them – such as
Barnaby Barford and Fredrikson & Stallard – when
he was artistic director at the
..

David Blot cinema

From Santa Barbara
to Copenhagen

For this fourth issue, the journalist David Blot pulls us in the
discovery of characters molded by these short histories
which block our everyday life. Between poverty and
eloquence. Never indifferent
..

Wander around:

Design anglais : New Moderns

Following the lead of Phoebe Philo, who promotes
a return to simplicity at Celine, the design world
has also decided to play the neutrality card: with
atonal, almost humble, materials and colours, a
recurring theme of wood andt

It’s now:

Gerhard Richter à la Tate Modern

Having become accustomed to showing in the largest
museums in the world, Gerhard Richter has finally
been offered a solo exhibition at the Tate Modern.
Spanning five decades of creation, the event, entitled
Panorama, ranges from his p
...

Travel news:

London, the best destination
in Europe in 2011

The British capital was awarded the prize for the
“Best destination in Europe” at the 2011 World
Travel Awards. It came before

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