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September 2011

PLUME VOYAGE. A magazine, an experience, a proposal.
The curiosity that leads us beyond borders, and the desire for a different kind of journey – imaginary,
self-exploratory or artistic – continue to inspire PLUME VOYAGE.

Summary :

A bridge on two shores :

Kitsuné : the small fox

Meetings, meltings, travels and culture shocks
have defined the spirit of Kitsuné. Fashion, music,
design and tradition give rythm to this
independant brand… originally small, now grown up. One,
Masaya Kuroki, French-Japanese

My suitcase :

Virginie Dhello: Vee

Virginia Dhello, aka Vee, surfs the web every day
and surveys the fashion weeks to uncover the latest
trends and favourites of the fashion world. More
than just good advice, the daily posts on her blog
‘Vee Post’ are must-reads… not

A break :

NYC, role play

“New York is a world event … New York, strong,
proud of herself, in ‘prosperity’ or in.

A break :

La Grenouillère

To radically transform a provincial, slightly kitsch,
hotel restaurant, into a Mecca of con

Their world:

Fred Pinel – Soft leather…

The talent of Fred Pinel mixes with humor,
audacity and cheekiness in his studio in Montmartre. Now enshrined in
the heart of Parisian life with his new shop on rue Royale, the
luxury leather goods maker is no
..

Their world

From Sicily to… nowhere

For our second issue, we have four new films,
chosen by David Blot, taken from off the beaten
track. Notice to the amateurs: after the
republication in June of the BD ” The
Song of the Machine ” with a foreword
..

Wander around

Lyon is chilling out

Bourgeois, Lyon ? No way…At least not on the
surface, looking at the gastronomic addresses that
have been around for decades. On the contrary, the
silk capital is brimming with creativity and
enthusiasm, attempting to bri

It’s now

Biennale de Lyon

With an enticing theme – Une Terrible beauté est née –
the 11th Biennale de Lyon, conceived by
Argentinean curator Victoria Noorthoorn, brings
together 70 artists from around the world, hailing
mainly from Europe, Africa

Travel news

Osaka, new destination
d’Air Asia X to Japan

Low-cost, long haul Malaysian air company, Air Asia
X will connect Kuala Lumpur with Osaka, starting
from November 30th. This will be the second
Japanese destination on the list of the Air Asia
sister company after Tokyo. Four

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