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September 2012
Plume voyage webzine n°14

PLUME VOYAGE magazine, the luxury of a light and immobile journey.

We’re back! After a wonderful summer and a compilation of our archives,
PLUME VOYAGE will be back every Friday with one new topic a week.
The first was posted on Friday, September 7th with a final holiday vibe: A Break
in Bodrum, at the Amanruya hotel, another gem from the Aman chain.

Our welcome page will change its cover photo each week to highlight the topic
of the moment.

The magazine, as always, wishes to offer its take on the beauty of things, to reveal
the harmony of a place, to discuss the balance of an object, to tell of an encounter,
to share the emotion of a moment, and to preserve the transient.

Curiosity that leads us beyond borders, and the desire for a different kind of journey
– imaginary, self-exploratory or artistic – continues to inspire PLUME VOYAGE.

Welcome back everyone!


A bridge on two shores:

The traveller’s spirit of Atelier Hapax

Born from a simple idea, Atelier Hapax has the calibre of the great design houses. An object, a material, an abandoned accessory, each piece is reborn in the hands of its creator, Sinan Sigic, a new artisanal destination that evokes the world of travel…

A Break:

Amanruya Bodrum

On the Aegean coast, a few kilometers from Bodrum, the latest Aman hotel is redefining Turkish luxury by tapping into Ottoman history and aesthetics codes of ultimate refinement. Read on to find out more…

Their World..:

la Contrie

Using traditional methods and contemporary vision, Edwina de Charette de la Contrie makes timeless leather bags to meet the demand for unique, personal designs away from the dictates of fashion…

Wander around:

Good Morning Vietnam

Forget the images and stories of war, and rather picture Catherine Deneuve reprising her role in the film Indochine. Reviving the elegance of the golden days of colonialism, Vietnam lives between yesterday and tomorrow…

It’s Now:

Olivia Bee, a guest of the Monde du Hermès

The very young American photographer Olivia Bee (18) creates a world between candour and cockiness with her creations, a bucolic world where she reinterprets fairy tales with the coolness and adolescent impertinence…

Travel News:

Le Bristol opens a bar of the night

With the opening of the “Bar du Bristol”, the hotel of the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré is entering a new era and becoming a point of reference for Parisian nightlife. Designed by architect Pierre-Yves Rochon…

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