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September 2015
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The “Charm of PRL” Museum : to relive “the good old” communist days

PRL Museum, Warsaw © Ludovic Bischoff

Across the street from Soho Factory, a symbol of the modernity and creativity of the Poland of today, lies a recently opened small and unassuming museum which exhibits everyday objects of the communist era. The “Charm of the PRL” Museum was created by the founder of Warsaw Adventre, a company which offers a unique and unusual experience of Warsaw. Like with the Neon Museum it was a bit by accident that the founders started collecting these everyday objects. Objects that most liberated poles cast aside without second thought. In the museum, one can sit in a 60s style “Formica” living room, admire a “Frania” washing machine which was also used to make butter and wine! One can also wander around an empty shop, like it would have been at the time. Or even caress an authentic toilet roll which was a very rare and prized commodity at the time! In short, this small fun-natured museum is the ideal place to better understand the state of organised shortage which prevailed in post-war Poland up until the 90s.


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