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March 2016
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Saint Petersburg: the Astoria

Astoria, Saint Pétersbourg. Breves de voyages mars 2016 PLUME VOYAGE. @plumevoyagemagazine © Astoria hotel

It was inaugurated on December 23rd, 1912, to celebrate the 300 years of the Romanovs reign. Its admirable location, on St. Isaac’s Square and its style “Modern” is immediately “the place to be.” The entire Russian aristocracy and even the guests of the imperial family resided there during their visit to the Russian capital. Later, other times other manners, Lenin lived and held one of his key speeches from the terrace on the ground floor. Today, it is hosting prestigious guests who appreciate the new decoration that values ​​the Russian style in a beautiful combination of red, velvet, gold leaf and leather … The number of rooms was reduced from 211 to 188 and 23 new suites were created. Wink to the 7th art in the bathrooms where you can see pictures of Sean Connery in “From Russia with Love”! To celebrate its century, 3 years ago, the hotel has offered itself new rooms , the Royal Suite on the 6th floor for example. With an amazing view on the square and the cathedral, it is furnished with furniture and objects dating from 1912 and if you are afraid to get bored a 300 classic Russian works library is at your disposal! A. F.-M.

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