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March 2017
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LA HYGGE ATTITUDE. mars 2017 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Benedetta Borrometi

The need for softness is a great classic during difficult times. The cocooning movement with the development of homewear flourished in favor of economic crises and the depiction of the very hype word “hygge” (pronounced “Hu-gue”) does not seem sufficient, to turn it into Revolutionary movement

The Hygge movement, however, differs from the previous movements on an important point. In its most extreme expression, it is accompanied by a total refusal of all disturbances that could come from the outside world. The hygger convinced, goes far, such as refusing any news likely to disrupt its zenitude. He cuts off the sound from the media, scorns the jolts of the world and frowns if a guest dares to make the slightest allusion to the news. His idea is to live in the manner of the peasants of the old days, who knew nothing of the world. This regressive tendency would also cling to a need to regain the protective innocence of childhood.

Some ghastly spirits see it in spite of a link with other movements – refusal of globalization, return to patriotism and made in France – indicative of a trend to retreat that could become dangerous. A reaction to globalization of problems and the superinformation that prevails in our media regions. The “hyggeligt” (pronounced “Huguelit”) or the “hygge attitude” would be similar to an “ostrich attitude » in a bobo version. It’s all about language.

Others, like Vincent Grégoire, emphasize the marketing offensive of the British and Scandinavian brands. “There is a strong power of Viking fires these days to offer an idea of ​​an almost fetal refuge in the face of an anguished and polluted world, a nice idea, but we also note that Denmark is also home to Greenland, which displays a record suicide rate “adds Nelly Rodi, the major trend setter.

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