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May 2016
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"Painting with Light: Art and Photography from the Pre-Raphaelites

John Cimon Warburg, The Japanese Parasol. c’est maintenant mai 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine. © Royal Photographic Society National Media Museum Science and Society Picture Library

to the Modern Age » at the Tate Britain, London

The dawn of photography coincided with a wave of revolutionary ideas in the arts and questions about how the images must be created and viewed. The photograph was then inspired by the art of the old masters who trained many photographers of the time. Turner has inspired the first panoramic images of landscapes. The exhibition presents so many examples of these inspirations such as nostalgia by Millais or by John Brett. Later in the century, photographs of Emerson Goodall and rural life seem inspired by Impressionist painting, while Whistler and Langdon Coburn made nocturnal pictures of the Thames in both photo and canvas. The exhibition also celebrates the role of several women photographers.
Until the 25th of September. www.tate.org.uk

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