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November 2016
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Sensibility and emotion, the only driver of choice

photo 1 Malik Sidibé, Nuit de noël Courtesy Collection Agnès b. - photo 2 Bodys Isek Kingelez Medicaments city Courtesy Collection Agnès b. PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine

At the Immigration Museum, at the back of the Landmarks room presenting the permanent collection through a moving path recounting the history of immigration in France, a white screen conceals access to the exhibition. A luminous nook, like a hope. First room: on the left, the theme of youth, on the right the theme of death. It strongly starts! From a succession of photographs, youth appears as a posture: to seek, to doubt, the pangs of adolescence. First work exposed, symbolic in all directions: the swimmer (Whirlwind) of Ryan McGinley, a young American photographer already star, a skier straight out of Kids Larry Clark film, exhibited for the first time in France in solo show in the Galerie du jour (the gallery of Agnes b) in 2006, and which summarizes the approach of the collector: to ignore the borders and the trends of the market, to rely on our instinct, emotion facing the work, Even when it comes to a young artist. Sensibility and emotion, the only driver of choice. When it comes to art, you have to feel free. For art is that inalienable space of freedom present at the heart of each one, the space in which the designer may have expressed herself in the most intimate way throughout her career, by supporting artists, friendship with many of them having retained her gaze. The theme of youth ends with a neon of Claude Lévêque who writes with a trembling hand and with a somewhat drooping line: “the awakening of poisoned youth”.

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