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March 2017
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Moontain Hostel: the new generation mountain inn in Oz-en-OIsans

Moontain Hostel Oz-en-OIsans. halte mars 2017 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

Take the best of youth hostels and classic hotels. Place it all in a big mixer, incorporate a good dose of high tech connectivity and a pinch of audacity. And you have the recipe for the Moontain Hostel which has just opened in Oz-en-Oisans. A new concept for young travelers looking for a good plan to stay in the mountains for cheap and meet people. For them, “dormitory” rooms, between four and eight beds, all placed in boxes equipped with USB, individual reading light and a curtain to guarantee privacy. But families can also be interested in the Moontain Hostel, which offers rooms with up to five beds to house the whole tribe. Finally, couples can stay in the individual rooms equipped with a large bed, a private shower and WC.
In short, all types of travelers on a tight budget are concerned by this new brand of accommodation that plans to develop in other resorts. The idea being, as in Oz-en-Oisans, to convert a small, unprofitable family hotel into a modern accommodation offering cheap beds but in a cheerful and modern atmosphere. This first family resort, linked to the ski resort of Alpe d’Huez, should serve as a test for this innovative concept that challenges prevailing ideas.
Indeed, here, it is not about low cost accommodation. The bedding is of very good quality and the free wi-fi is available everywhere. And a whole range of services is added to the Moontain Hostel experience. Guests are equipped with a wristband that serves as a key to access the rooms, as well as electronic wallets, connected in real time to their credit card, to order a meal or activity. The Moontain team proposes menus concocted every day by a chef of the station. And a series of dishes prepared in jars, but also delicatessen or cheeses are available. Nothing but local products. On the activities menu, it goes from the yoga class to the visit of the snow factory of the station and each client is free to offer an activity to be shared with the whole Moontain community (board games or Video games battle on the big screen of the main room, common outing in snowshoeing or skiing, everything is possible!)
In short, the Moontain Hostel offers to enjoy the lively atmosphere of a hostel but also good products and high tech services at affordable rates. Count from 23 euros per night for a bed in a shared room or 30 euros per person in a double room. What if it was the right recipe for reinventing aging mountain lodgings that sometimes only offer pitiful rooms sold at a gold price? This first season will tell if the concept meets its audience …


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