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December 2016
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A whole world of luxury

Caviar Prunier, tartare de bar et d'huitres au caviar, vodka . une halte décembre 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

Around the caviar, its flagship product, Maison Prunier has created a whole world of gourmet products to open excellence to other horizons, in association with Caviar House. This is how smoked salmon Balik is now part of the menu of different addresses, restaurants and shops. This luxury salmon, caught in the Norwegian fjords, is then transported to the heights of Ebersol, in German-speaking Switzerland, to be smoked according to the exclusive recipe of Hans Kübel, the founder of Balik. Produced in very limited quantities, this salmon is a particularly refined dish for connoisseurs. And as caviar and salmon blend perfectly with a very pure vodka, Prunier entrusted the Distillerie de Paris to design an exclusive vodka. Produced in small quantities in the capital, it is made from rice fermented according to a Japanese method and offers delicate aromas with floral and slightly powdered notes.


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