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August 2016
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It seeks to bring the thrill of discovery

Domaine du Muy. une halte au Domaine du Muy aout 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Françoise SPIEKERMEIER

High heels should be avoided. A pair of sandals or sneakers will do. And also a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, a bottle of mineral water, essential to avoid dehydration. It is said that the visit lasts an hour … that the loop will be quickly closed. But no. This does not happen like that. We must prepare. We are not here in the air conditioning of a gallery or museum. If the villa that sits at the entrance area, with its large windows and terrace is a cozy house, a saving refuge, experience that comes to you is an odyssey, a journey where the body is your only vehicle. It is a little a melee which is to be expected in confrontation with nature and the works put on the course, carefully sown as white pebbles. “What we sought, says Jean-Gabriel Mitterrand is this confrontation between the works of the mind and nature itself. Some works are sometimes very advanced intellectually as Sol Lewitt, great minimalist artist, and Carlos Cruz-Diez, large kinetic artist, and Francisco Sobrino; others are more romantic as Wang Du, Claude Lalanne and François-Xavier Lalanne, Others urban works that can perfectly find architecture like that of Keith Haring. It seeks to bring the thrill of discovery: the works are encountered on the way, we are not prepared to see them. This surprise is very important. Thus each work interrogates the visitor in the power it contains, in support of nature or in opposition to nature, respecting each other, but in opposition. “

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