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August 2016
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Rudy Ricciotti and Fleury Linossier

Architecture, Villa RICCIOTTI et FLEURY LINOSSIER. Une Halte à Bandol aout 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Françoise SPIEKERMEIER

Bandol is an architectural city. Cradle claimed by architect Rudy Ricciotti which; between Cocteau Museum in Menton and a museum of the civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean in Marseille, perch scenic villas balancing between cliffs and pine forests, the village is full of remarkable buildings constructed from the 30s by architect Linossier Fleury, from elementary school to the municipal stadium through residences for actors and celebrities including those of Mistinguett, Maurice Chevalier or Gregory Peck. Architecture and cinema are inextricably linked to it. The Casino opens in Bandol in 1930 with a movie theater in addition to the Cinema Camera, still standing in its small alley escaping to the sea, whose screen has seen all bandolaises families, generation after generation since the day the cinema became talking. This technical revolution, Pagnol seized immediately reach: quickly he adapted his dramatic success -it turns Marius cinema in 1931 with the Paramount- and it was a global success in Europe, the USA and Japan. “Plus it’s local, it’s more general,” he concluded. So true!

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