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April 2016
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A close relationship with his camera

Portrait John Chiara. Une halte John Chiara à la NextLevel Galerie avril 2016. PLUMEVOYAGE. @plumevoyagemagazine. © Françoise Spiekermeier

If the photographer usually maintains a close relationship with his camera, then John Chiara is an unconventional case. The photographer goes inside the darkroom that he himself has made, as in a matrix, made his adjustments and then extracted from the cockpit by a narrow passage that does not let light enter. From there the picture will be printed, after a long pause. Back in his studio, he develops the image in a huge tube containing the developer bath.
He builds a camera almost on every site where he decides to work. Thus he has devices in Mississippi, San Francisco, New York … only the United States, at least for now. This is an incredible logistics that brings us back in the time of early photography when artists faced a heavy and cumbersome equipment, and asking for long exposure and development. His photographic technique is also close to the daguerreotype, invented by Louis Daguerre in 1835, which printed the image directly on a glass plate without using negative.

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