This summer hot spot? No, it’s not Saint-Tropez, Portofino or San Diego. It is in Le Havre that you must go and participate in the arty summer event! Does the idea seem absurd to you? Yes, it’s true, but that’s what’s interesting!

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The journalists of Plume Voyage Magazine wander in Paris, France and the whole world to meet beautiful personalities. The discovery or re-discovery of nice places, elegant gestures resulting from French and international know-how, the pleasure of tasting good food, rest in beautiful hotels, the surprise of watching, observing known or unknown landscapes, cultivate and happiness motivate all the journeys of PLUME VOYAGE MAGAZINE.

Offering insights that go beyond borders, the desire for unique, imaginary, interior, poetic or artistic types of voyage, PLUME VOYAGE magazine represents luxury of a light and motionless journey. PLUME VOYAGE magazine makes journeys without leaving home. Publishing about the travel styles, the universe of luxury and creations: discreet luxury, art, cuisine, design, fashion, hotels, designers, cinema, music and photography, the notion of emotional and sensory travel. Penned only by journalists, this webzine shares its idea of light journeying through reports, photo galleries and shopping pages. Completing the website, the CAPSULE DE PLUME boutique sells various travel pieces (including the Parfum de Valise®) and unique creations that resonate the style and the identity of the magazine.

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